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100 Days to Sight Reading Excellence
Why we created these books:
Every band director knows the importance of sight reading. However, actually practicing this skill during band rehearsals can be an involved process. Until now, if you wanted to practice sight reading, you might use simple clapping charts or perhaps easier compositions from your library. These methods lack completeness and generate too much paperwork.

100 Days to Sight Reading Excellence presents you with a highly organized method of sight reading at every rehearsal. Using it daily, students will practice reading notes, rhythms, articulations, dynamics in various keys and tempos. And every student is involved.

With our band method incorporated into your warm up, you can slowly, throughout the year, build sight reading ability and confidence. And it takes less than 90 seconds a day.

Why You Need
100 Days to Sight Reading Excellence
  • Sight reading makes sight readers
  • Give your students the tool to practice sight reading
  • Purchase one book for each music stand
  • Invest 90 seconds of each rehearsal to sight reading
  • Use it every day--a new fun fact for each day--a new composition for each day
  • Students will hear their mistakes
  • Difficulty, rhythm, range, key signatures, articulation, dynamics and accidentals all increase gradually and logically
  • Sight read dynamics the first time through
  • See an incredible increase in confidence and in ability
  • Fix those common errors--rushed quarters, ignored key signatures
  • Finally discover the art of transposing parts
Why Our Books Are Effective
  • It’s a one time investment that you can use every rehearsal, for the rest of your career
  • Score format allows unlimited flexibilty from year to year, band to band
  • The process is organized and simple
  • Every aspect of rehearsal improves
  • Unison parts encourage listening to others
  • Tubas get to read 16th notes!
  • Perfect for mixed lesson groups

The Results Will Be Astounding!